Still Mind

Calm the mind and release tension in the body by practicing the fundamentals of meditation and stillness. Learn why this practice is so beneficial and important.

Similar to: Meditation and Mindfulness Practice
All levels welcome


Awake & Alive

Bring awareness to the body through movement, breath and core stability exercises.  Learn the wisdom of traditional yoga while honouring the natural alignment of the spine (Bowspring Practice). Exploring movement, strength, and flexibility.  This class is balanced with some focus on yogic breathing practices and time for reflection

All levels welcome


Rest & Restore

Combining long holds  and focused breathing this class stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System allowing for deep rest and relaxation.  You will leave with tools for your everyday life.

Similar to: Restorative/Gentle Hatha yoga practice
All levels welcome, and those with high stress livesl



It sounds simple and it is! Stressed? Tired? Learn the benefits of healthy breathing practices to help to relax your body and calm your mind for better sleep and less stress.

Similar to:  Mindfulness practice and Hatha yoga
All levels welcome



A class designed to honour the natural alignment of the spine, helping to support healthy posture while giving you a new way to explore movement and feel supported in everyday activities. Build strength and flexibility at the same time.