Fierce in my softness

I’ve seen the tide,
It flows in, and flows out
I’ve watched how nature lives,
How she breathes and moves,
How she curves, and holds space.
I have been held in her salty embrace,
Rocked, and teary as she whispered,
Her gentle breath on my cheek-
“My daughter, you are safe,
Release your fears to me”

As I softened, I knew.
My softness is my strength,
My story is my gift


on your path

Once you know your personal values, it is easier to navigate your life, and your journey forward.  Knowing what you stand for clears the dust off of your compass, so you can clearly see which direction you need to go.



Mini post - Listen to your body

The early morning is a wonderful time to practice yoga.  Waking from a deep sleep, your body may feel stiff, and grumpy in certain areas.  Deep belly breathing before you get out of bed, and then a few yoga postures/stretches on your mat can help you to start your day feeling more connected .  Today my practice was gentle.  Lots of full breath, and slow movement with my eyes closed.  Delicious 

Listen to your body. Breathe. Repeat.

yoga: a journey inward

Yoga brings you closer to your truth. It brings your body and mind back to balance through awareness of breath, conscious movement and the cultivation of joy. That joy you feel is a sign that you are connecting to something deeper. That something is you. You find more grace, you feel lighter, you start to love the dance that is life.

Take a deep breath in, and slowly exhale. Your practice begins with that one breath.

Love Michelle